Relator Document Management System (DMS)
It's all about document cross referencing


  • Store and render any kind of document or media file.
  • Manage documents  from multiple locations (including low bandwidth sites) on multiple operating system platforms over robust, standard and secure web protocols (https) without the need for a VPN
  • Removes the distinction between website CMS and document management. eg: The Relator Help
  • Integrate documents directly with your other Relator business modules and applications
  • Version Control with rollback
  • Granular Level document and collection security
  • Document searching
  • Document signing system
  • Forensic logging
  • Enforce your house document styles and company branding with very little effort.

Content Management System (CMS)

  • A fully fledged website content management system with templating features enabling a consistent house style to be implemented with very little user effort
  • Uses the CKEditor4 WYSIWYG HTML content editor
  • Multimedia storage and rendering system
  • Integrated version control with rollback
  • Integrated PDF rendering and storage system
  • Full text keyword indexing
  • Inline scripting and modular construction for administrators and developers
  • ..more..