Clarumedia DMS File-1497.114
Modified: 13/05/2022 10:29
Facilitating Relationships

Relator (noun)

  1. a person who relates a story; narrator
  2. a person who gives information

The Core

  • At the heart of all business activity lies the relationship between people and work.
  • An integrated suite of business applications delivered via a web browser
  • RelatorĀ© holds the structures and relationships of people and organizations.
  • Relator holds work as jobs or projects.
  • Relator glues it all together to provide a multi dimensional view of all the interconnected activity.
  • Entirely based on Robust HTTPS based Client / Server Architecture for delivery on any platform including mobile

Ground Up

  • Our systems are designed from the ground up to be as fast and stable as possible.
  • We aim to keep 3rd party dependencies to a minimum to limit our exposure to support and upgrade issues and to avoid limiting the possibilities for customisation.
  • We haven't "skinned" somebody else's product.

Users / Contacts Module

  • User management including groups and module permissions
  • User authentication with multiple authentication methods including Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Authentication.
  • User system activity tracking with forensics
  • Organisational relationship structures
  • User / Contact Classifications
  • User / Contact Blacklisting
  • GDPR Compliance Facilities

The Job Module

  • Job Numbering and client cross referencing.
  • Hierarchical job structures with tree views.
  • Full integration with the other modules
  • ..more..

Financial Transaction System

  • All general ledger transactions (Invoices, payments, credit notes) with nominals
  • Multi Currency
  • Transaction allocations
  • Financial Document generation and storage via Relator DMS with multiple customizable HTML templates.
  • Exchange rate storage system

CRM Module

  • A full featured email client and log creation system
  • Attachments stored in the Document Management System (DMS)

Document Management System (DMS)

  • Document management system with version control and granular permissions which can be integrated into your business systems and processes.
  • Functions as a fully featured intranet and website content management system (CMS).
  • ..More..

Product Module

  • Stock Code Management
  • Stock transactions integrated with the Job Module
  • Multi Location Support
  • ..More..

Sales Order Module

  • Fully integrated with the Job management system
  • Fully integrated with the Relator Currency Management System
  • Can be used as a website shopping cart

Asset Management Module

  • Database of all assets of depreciable value and/or with serial numbers and/or requiring of safety testing.
  • Automated depreciation system

HR Management Module

  • PAYE Timesheet recording
  • Holiday entitlement recording, authorisation and booking

Relator is about bringing your teams together

Relator is all about cross referencing

Relator is all about collaboration