Relator Active Directory Authentication System

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Modified: 08/11/2019 10:56
It's all about single sign on
There's nothing more annoying than having multiple usernames and passwords for different services used by your business.

Relator can be integrated with a Microsoft Active Directory Domain Controller or any type of system running SMB based authentication such as Samba.

With just a small change to the configuration file, internal Relator users can be authenticated against an Active Directory Domain controller with the following caveats:
  1. The Active Directory Server must be running the file sharing service.
  2. The Relator server must be able to access the Active Directory Domain Controller on ports 139 and 445.
  3. The relator username must be the same as the Active Directory Username.
The Relator Active Directory Authentication system was written around the open source smbclient utility for Linux and has been in production for 10 years.

The cbframe_samba_wrapper class also provides a set of tools for integrating Microsoft and other CIFS (SMB) network filesystems directly into the Relator application.
  • Change AD password from the Relator application
  • List Files Shares
  • Get Files

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