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B-Hut Jazz, Funk, Soul, World Music

Thank you all for the good times.

B-Hut Musicians.

  • Thank you to all the lovely people who came to our gigs and made them a good time !
  • Rachael Calladine: Vocals
  • Marcel Stranis: Bass
  • Duncan Mackellar: Guitar
  • Pascal Consoli: Drums, percussion
  • Christian Brewer:Sax
  • Damon Brown: Trumpet
  • Sam Frank: Sax
  • Peter Hajiof: Bass
  • Carl Holt: Bass
  • Roger Batting: Drums
  • Felix Fast: Sax
  • John Miles: Saxophonist
  • Tony Remy: Guitarist
  • Gerry Underwood (RIP): Sax
  • Sam Maitland: Percussion
  • Karl Van Den Bossche: Percussion
  • Nick Cohen: Bass
  • Ian Hornal: Vocals, Guitar

Rachael Calladine

Pascal Consoli

Chris Barnes

B Hut 1995

Carl Holt With B Hut

Marcel Rachael Chris 2000