Hosted & On Premises Zimbra

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100s of Millions of People Trust Zimbra Email Collaboration

Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS)

  • Full featured internet mail server platform with extensive team collaboration features based on hardened Free Open Source Software.
  • Negligible licensing costs compared to Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • We can host it for you or we can install it in your premises for ultimate Data sovereignty.
  • We can migrate your existing email.
  • Shared mailbox and multiple identity features make ZCS a powerful solution for your sales and customer services teams.
  • We think the browser based email client beats Gmail and Outlook hands down.


  • Email, calendars, contacts, chat.
  • Native iPhone and Android mail, contact and calendar support.
  • Integrated Active Directory Authentication
  • Fabulous browser based client
    • No installation = No support
    • Highly customizable saveable searches.
    • Unbelievably fast searches on massive mailboxes
    • Multiple Identities with signatures
    • Shared mailboxes, distribution lists
    • "Reply as folder" functionality.
    • Message Rules.
  • Document collaboration (Briefcase) with WebDav support.
  • Anti hacking and lockout systems.
  • Huge scope for customization and integration.

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