The failure of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Desktop to replace Windows

  • Anybody that wants MacOS gets a Mac. The migration base should have been Windows users.
    So why put the focus on Unity which Windows users do not unserstand ?
  • Windows users want to open spreadsheets from their smb server:
    GVFS using smb is slower at enumerating files than shelling out to smbclient from a PHP script and serving via Apache ! WTF ?!
  • GVFS is buggy, unreliable and next to impossible to debug.
  • The maintainers are allowing poorly tested code into LTS releases which break things like LibreOffice (so essential for a desktop PC in a business environment)
  • The Gnome file dialog used by Firefox does not allow access to network bookmarks (places) (and when it does, there is trouble with GVFS again)
  • There's no way to make network location bookmarks persist without the use of Gigolo.
  • DNSMasq appears to break DNS ! WTF ?!
  • xrdp does not allow direct access to the logged in user's session (hopeless for remote support)
  • xrdp does not work properly with Unity.
  • xrdp does not work out of the box with Gnome Flashback
  • Joining to an AD domain for single sign on is as painful as dentistry - even with SSSD.
  • Despite compiling hplip from sources, print queues require constant CUPS restarts and troubleshooting ad nauseam.
  • Creating a desktop shortcut is impossible for an average user.
  • Never mind the fact that LibreOffice does NOT read and write the MS documents properly.
Sorry people. This is not working and nobody appears to be interested. :-(