Clarumedia DMS File-4.15
Modified: 26/06/2019 11:40
A plugin for Microsoft Outlook to support multiple identites with Microsoft Exchange Server

Outlook Corporate Tools Has Been Discontinued

Sorry ! We're no longer supporting Outlook Corporate Tools.
All of the functions for which the plugin was created already exist in the amazing Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) which can replace Outlook and Microsoft Exchange.

Key Features

  • Associate "From" / reply addresses with folder
  • Select your Identity
  • Associate Mail Folders with Distribution groups
  • Shared Mailboxes
  • Auto append centrally managed company disclaimers as embedded HTML (with graphics) dependant on the email address.
  • Easy deployment for systems Administrators
  • Automatic filing of sent items into a sent items folder in the group folder.

The Problems...

  • I am the boss of two companies, I need to easily be able to send email as 2 different email addresses. Solved, including optional context sensitive embedded HTML branding.
  • We need to provide an email facility for a Customer Services team so that they can send and receive email as No problem ! We think. So we set up a distribution group with an email address of The only problem comes when the Customer Services team reply to the incoming message. The message appears to come from the Individual, not from the team. OK, so we set the reply address of their email client to be But this means that ALL mail, including internal appears to come from the group. OK, so we could setup multiple accounts for each user and hope they choose the right account when sending an email. Not a solution because of the extra admin overhead and the multiple connections to the mail server, not to mention the high probability of staff forgetting to choose the right account. Then there are even more implausible solutions like using the From field in Outlook and manually entering the from address...

The Solution

  • Give up using Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 which is expensive and troublesome and migrate to the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.